Hiring a Team - Part 1

Hiring an Operations Coordinator
Most home staging companies start the hiring process by looking for a staging assistant or interior designer. We believe that might be a mistake! As important as a good Design Coordinator might be, the best place to start and the most important first role at our home staging business is the Operations Coordinator.

At White Orchid Interiors our Operations Coordinator is like an air traffic controller, in the office, in front of the computer, in front of our Home Staging CRM every single day. He answers the phone and responds to each lead that comes through our instant quote technology. He can share our story and sell home staging services. He manages the calendar and books appointments for our designers. He sends proposals created by the design team and is in the office to follow up during regular business hours. When a client says, "yes" to home staging services, he is there to send a contract, take payment information and coordinate next steps in the staging process.

Home Staging for Real Estate Investors

There is allot of excitement around the subject of home staging for real estate investors. In this home staging blog post we sample an interview with HGTV Interior Designer and the Creator of White Orchid Interiors, Lauren Matthews. Learn some tips and tricks for working with real estate investors to grow your home staging business.

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Pricing Strategies - Part 1

Home Staging Costs
We live in a world where price is always front and center. Whether you purchase a product in the store or online, the price is clearly displayed. But what about services such as home staging? In this video, our team at White Orchid Interiors unpacks some top secret pricing strategies for home staging professionals.

Looking for help growing or managing your home staging business? White Orchid built the home staging industry's first instant online quote tool that allows you to give an instant home staging quote to your customers. Learn more about this unique technology and our local marketing service designed for stagers by stagers.

Preparing for Staging Day

Home staging professionals are in the business of preparing homes for sale. But what about preparing homes for staging day? In this article we are going to offer a couple of tips and tricks from our design team at White Orchid Interiors to make an impact on staging day.

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Home Staging Tips: Lead Conversion

Our home staging team works hard each day to create new opportunities for all of the Certified Stagers in the White Orchid Network. Over the last couple of months we have had over 10,000 consumers visit our site and over 1,000 new leads generated for local home stagers around the nation. That volume reflects several million dollars in potential staging business. So how does our Home Staging Network capitalize on every opportunity?

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Benefits of Home Staging Video

How many times have real estate agents or homeowners asked the question, "Does home staging really make a difference?" Most of our prospective customers want to better understand the value of home staging and the results they should expect. This video answers this question in just 30 seconds. What happens when you stage your home for sale? Find out now!

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Dealing with Cryptic Agents

Yes, it's awkward ... You received an inquiry for home staging from a local real estate agent. They are on the phone, pressing you hard for information about your services, what it will cost to prepare your home for sale, your price and terms, your schedule ... and throughout the process, they are reluctant to give you the information you need to properly answer their questions.

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