Home Staging Certification

What are the steps to become a home stager? How do I start a home staging business? Are there home staging certification courses online? What does it take to become a home staging professional? These are just some of the questions that our team receives on a regular basis and here is our input.

Passion for Home Staging
Home staging is a fantastic career and is rewarding on many different levels. It provides a creative outlet for those who share a love for interior design, interior decorating and staging. It provides an opportunity to help people in your community, preparing their home for sale to help reduce the time that home spends on the market and help increase the selling price. It also provides an opportunity to earn a living and potentially employ others. But ultimately, it starts with a passion and you have to pursue home staging because you love it!

The White Orchid Story
Lauren Matthews founded White Orchid Interiors almost a decade ago in Denver, Colorado. She has grown her business to include two locations, with over a dozen employees and has staged over $1 Billion in residential real estate. She started out by taking an accredited staging course and learned how to build her business along the way, and with the support of those around her. Today, her team has extended beyond home staging, beyond classes or training for stagers, and is developing a collaborative network of resources for home staging professionals. It's a great time to be in the business.

How to Get Started
If you are thinking about becoming a home stager, we have some suggestions. First and foremost, talk to some stagers in your local area and learn from their experiences. Second, consider taking our course, Home Staging 101 Survey. We offer the class online and it is free of charge for people interested in starting a career in home staging. Our knowledgable instructors will answer your questions and survey these topics: Introduction to the Business of Home Staging, Training and Accreditation Essentials, Business Entity Essentials, Survey of Products and Services, Revenue and Income Potential, and Taking the Next Steps.

Our goal is not to sell you anything. We just simply want to share our experiences. Please click on the link below to Register and join us for one of our upcoming sessions. We look forward to collaborating with you!