Staging in a Sellers Market

Does Property Staging Make a Difference
Does home staging really make a difference in a sellers market? Homes are selling quickly and prices are on the rise in many parts of the country. Many listings are attracting multiple offers and are selling for more than their list price. Is it worth the time and investment in home staging? Will real estate agents and homeowners realize any benefits from staging a property? We are asked these questions all of the time and here is our take on this important subject.

Online Real Estate Marketplace
First, we believe that home buyers are making many of their purchasing decisions online. How should this impact a seller's decision to stage? Because a home that has been prepared for sale, professionally staged and properly photographed will stand out from the competition. Even in a sellers market, home buyers are selective and choose to preview homes and ultimately make offers on homes that look amazing in the photos reflected online.

Competition, Supply and Demand
Second, in our professional experience supported by statistics from the National Association of Realtors, staged homes sell faster and for more money. Most sellers realize a 10 percent positive impact on the final sale price when they have engaged a professional home staging company. Furthermore, their home is on the market for weeks or even months less than their non-staged competitors down the street. Ultimately, the real estate climate is about supply and demand and home staging helps to increase foot traffic and raise the aesthetic appeal of a property. This translates into fewer days on market and higher sale prices for staged homes.

Take Selling Seriously
Finally, we encourage real estate agents and homeowners to take the sale of their property seriously. Don't leave anything on the table. Even in a hot real estate market, like Southern California, we learn of stats that should compel every seller to give the real estate listing process their best effort. Half of homes sold in California are still selling for less than list price. Half of homes sold in California only receive one offer. Simply putting a home on the market may work, but it is not the best solution.

At White Orchid Interiors, we encourage our clients to prepare their home for sale with home staging. Engage a professional real estate photographer and invest in high quality images, virtual tours and a lifestyle video. Hire a real estate agent that has proven experience selling homes in your neighborhood. By combining these three selling solutions, you will be well on your way to sell your home for top dollar in a sellers market!

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