The CRM for Home Staging

The Big Idea
Five years ago we built a home staging CRM to manage White Orchid Interiors business. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's a popular term used by people in nearly every line of business and across all industries. Tech savvy or not, you're probably hearing allot of buzz about having a CRM. So what is the big idea about having a CRM specific to home staging and interior design?

Manage Projects
One of the most valuable features of the White Orchid Apps CRM is the ability to manage home staging projects. You can easily input essential project information, like the property address. You can also keep track of important dates and deadlines, facts and figures. Our professional staging team is able to look at a project and know exactly where we are in the process. Do we need to schedule a preview? Have we sent a proposal? Is the customer ready for a contract? Is it time to stage or de-stage the home? A home staging CRM will guide you at each step.

Manage Relationships
Another key feature is the ability to manage relationships with customers, real estate professionals, vendors or other home stagers. You can quickly identify important relationships. Contact information is at your fingertips. You can also see how those contacts relate to past or present home staging projects. How many deals have you completed with your top real estate relationships? Who are your best customers? How often are you communicating with the people that are important to your business? Again, a home staging CRM will help you answer those questions.

Connecting the Dots
One of the biggest value added features of having a home staging CRM is the ability to connect the dots between projects, people and essential business activities. The White Orchid Apps CRM provides each user the ability to send a customer a home staging contract with the click of a button. You can also charge a customer's credit card or setup recurring auto-pay with the click of a button. Essential project information or customer contact information is automatically referenced with each of these features -- that means zero data duplication and zero data re-entry.

Save Money and Earn More
Ultimately, having a home staging CRM allows our team to save considerable time and earn more money doing what we love. It used to take between 30-45 minutes to prepare a contract, fill out the template, convert it to a PDF and then send it to the customer to sign and fax back. Now we simply click a button and send or receive a contract in minutes. We are also more efficient in knowing our project pipeline, key tasks and action items. No more guessing about the schedule or agenda for the coming week. Our CRM gives instant insights into the activities of our business, saving several office hours each week.

Learn More
If you would like more information on the first CRM built for the business of home staging, by home stagers, contact us. We would be happy to give a demo and show you what the hype is all about. You too can have the best technology to manage your home staging business.