Home Staging Tips: Lead Conversion

Convert More Home Staging Opportunities

Our home staging team works hard each day to create new opportunities for all of the Home Stagers in the White Orchid Network. Over the last couple of months we have had over 10,000 consumers visit our site and over 1,000 new leads generated for local home stagers around the nation. At last check we are covering about 30-40 percent of the country. That volume reflects several million dollars in potential staging business. So how does our Home Staging Network capitalize on every opportunity?

Here are some Best Practices to Guide your Staging Business!

Real estate industry data shows that prospects need your ATTENTION! How much attention? For Realtors, the magic number is 9 attempts to contact every prospective buyer or seller. In our experience and based on the data we're seeing with our home staging community, we believe the magic number for our Certified Stagers is 5-7 attempts to contact. That would include:

Phone ... we make two (2) attempts over 48 hours
Text ... we send one (1) text message in the first 24 hours
Email ... we send two (2) emails over 48 hours

Our home staging teams in Colorado and Southern California apply this methodology with great success. It may seem like several points of outreach, but that's what it takes to connect with consumers even when they reached out to us in the first place! Apply these principles and we're confident you will find great success converting leads to home staging projects.

Phone Scripts for Home Staging Success

Over the past decade our teams in Colorado and Southern California have had lots of practice talking with consumers. We have tested several different phone scripts and here is what we would suggest for maximizing conversions from White Orchid Network leads and opportunities:

Hi [Seller], this is [Your Name]. I am a Certified Stager and my company [Your Staging Company] is affiliated with White Orchid. You were looking for info about preparing your home for sale and requested a quote through White Orchid's app from the top local stager. I am their trusted resource in [Your City] and am excited to help you stage your home. Is now a good time to talk?

This script helps guide the consumer on their home staging journey. It makes direct connection to their experience receiving an instant online quote from White Orchid Interiors and being connected to your brand as a trusted resource in their local market. Try this script with your next White Orchid Apps lead and we are confident you will have great results.

Want to be a Trusted Home Staging Resource in Your Neighborhood?

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