Preparing for Staging Day

Home staging professionals are in the business of preparing homes for sale. But what about preparing homes for staging day? In this article we are going to offer a couple of tips and tricks from our design team at White Orchid Interiors to make an impact on staging day.

It's in the Details
First and foremost, make sure that your office and administrative tasks are in order. Often in the excitement to stage a home for sale, these details are overlooked or pushed to the backburner. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure you have a signed and properly executed home staging agreement.
  • Make sure you have payment information, a deposit if that is required, and have set clear expectations on how and when you will be paid for staging services.
  • Confirm the property access and lockbox information. Do you need to pass through a security gate or if you're working in the city, do you need to reserve an elevator? Make sure you have confirmed those access points.
  • Related, it is a great idea to have quick access to all of the contacts associated with the property. This would include the real estate agent, the homeowner and perhaps a property manager. We use our Salesforce CRM to keep track of these details.
  • Make sure any home improvements, remodeling projects or repairs have been completed and that the property has been professionally cleaned.

Review Game Film
Another tip to prepare for staging day is to get in the game day mindset. Professional athletes spend more time in preparation, training and reviewing game film than they do in competition. As home staging professionals, we can benefit from this strategic mindset.

  • Take time to reflect on the seller's expectations and your intended interior design outcome. Our home staging companies achieve the greatest success when we set the right expectations and work hard to meet or exceed those expectations.
  • Review the initial proposal, marketing materials and example photos you used to win the staging job. These will help guide furniture selection and keep you on point with expectations.
  • Create a checklist specifically designed for staging day that includes all of the furniture, artwork and decor accessory inventory you intend to deliver to the home. This will make selecting your staging furniture, loading the truck, and placement in the home a breeze.
  • Have a container with extra incidental supplies. We always have interior extension cords, light bulbs, cleaning supplies and a minor first aid kit on hand.

If you can make sure that your office and administrative tasks are in order, and get into the game day mindset, we guarantee you will have more fun and greater success on staging day. White Orchid offers resources for stagers by stagers and we are building the ultimate marketplace for home staging. We offer tools and resources for home staging companies to build, grow and manage their business. If you would like to hear a topic from our expert stagers, reach out. We would love to hear from you!