White Orchid Home Staging CRM
We are excited to announce the launch of the first Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM) designed specifically to manage and build a home staging business. Our technology platform was built for home stagers by home stagers. We have been using this home staging CRM in our home staging business for several years and it has revolutionized the way we serve our clients. We could not live without this stager software.

Customer Relationship Management
In 2012, we acquired Salesforce for our home staging company in Colorado. We hired a development team and built an online platform that solved for all of the challenges of running a successful home staging business. Our technology solution and home staging CRM included the ability to ...

  • Manage People including Customers, Realtors, Investors, Home Builders, Vendors
  • Manage Staging Projects including Vacant, Occupied, Consultation, Design
  • Send and Receive Electronic Contracts with the power of DocuSign
  • Collect Customer Payments and Recurring Rental Fees Automatically through your existing Merchant Services
  • Report on the Metrics and Success of the Home Staging Business

Our technology platform saves White Orchid Interiors thousands of hours each year by enabling our staging team the ability to see all of their home staging projects, connect to all people involved in each staging project, and complete important tasks with the click of a button. From our experience, this is the best home stager software solution on the market. Watch the demo of our home staging CRM below.

Video: CRM Overview #1