Our Vision
Our vision for the White Orchid marketplace is to build strong relationships with home staging companies around the world. To achieve this vision, we provide home staging professionals technology tools that are built for home stagers by home stagers. We believe there is strength in numbers.

Connecting Customers to Stagers
In 2012, our team was the first in the home staging industry to develop the technology to provide customers an instant home staging quote online. In 2015, we took our innovation a step further by developing the technology to give customers an instant home staging quote and connect them to the most relevant home staging company in their zip code. We have the technology to promote local home staging companies in every unique zip code in the United States. Customers win because they receive an instant estimate of the cost of home staging services. And home staging professionals win because they are connected to real estate agents and home sellers in their market in real time. We are the pioneers of the quick stage quote concept.

Brand Relationships
Our founders have personal relationships with the founders of some of the biggest brands in real estate. As the White Orchid home staging marketplace continues to grow and serve home staging professionals, real estate agents and home sellers on a global scale, we will be able to leverage these relationships to drive business and marketing opportunities for our association of home staging professionals.

Digital Marketing Experts
For over a decade we have been optimizing digital marketing and online advertising to drive leads and opportunities for professional home stagers. We are able to maximize or stretch the value of each advertising dollar spent. Our internal marketing team has a proven track record of efficiently generating a high volume of inquiries for home staging and our customer conversion rates are high. We are confident in our ability to help build your staging business with low cost and high value leads in your local area.

How it Works
In this video, take a tour of the new White Orchid Interiors website and watch how customers instantly receive a custom home staging quote from a leading home staging company in their neighborhood. If you would like to learn more about our marketing service and how to become a part of the White Orchid marketplace in your local area, contact us today.